SEOS Virtual Open Studio

As you are all aware SEOS, along with Galleries and Art Fairs, have all been closed this year.

So to try and regain some element of normality, welcome to my virtual Open Studio, where you can look around what I would have been exhibiting without the worry of distancing (or the usual mess scattered over all the surfaces).

Okay, so my husband has made it much larger than the real thing – but that’s Creative License!

To view the Virtual Studio, click on the Full Screen Icon (the box shape) on the image below. Then drag or use arrow keys to pan around and mouse scrolling or + and –  to zoom in or out.

Clicking on an “i” icon opens up a bigger image of the artwork (close with the button in the top right of the screen). Clicking on an Arrow icon takes you to another view.

Esc or the Minimize icon gets you back out of full screen.


I will very much miss meeting all of you that normally visit as it is a real chance to to have a chat with those who have been coming year after year and become friends during that time. You have always been so encouraging.

I have to admit that, although everything looks framed in the virtual gallery, not all of it is – but this will soon be rectified once my framer is allowed to open again.

Prices range from £200 – £2000, so if you would like to see a painting in “the flesh” call or email me and we can work something out. I am also more than willing for people to pay in instalments if preferred.

As many of you will know, I usually exhibit with Gill Brown, who is an amazing Sculptor, so please take a look at her website

Hope to see you all for real next year.

Take care of yourselves – 


My actual studio, which is a mess but hey ho - it is what it is.